Corporate + Business

Corporate law practice is the heart of our firm’s practice. Our attorneys have represented public and private companies in a variety of financings and corporate transactions. Investment banks, venture capital firms, private equity firms, mezzanine lenders and individual investors have been among our clients in this area. 

Our attorneys have experience in:

+ Corporate Governance

  • Entity formation, including corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships
  • Entity structure, including identifying our clients’ unique business needs in order to recommend an overall corporate structure to best fit those needs
  • Fundraising, including assisting clients with identifying and structuring fundraising needs and sources, whether through owner capital, bank debt or private equity raises
  • Drafting Shareholder Agreements, Operating Agreements and Bylaws
  • Private Placements, Debt and Equity Offerings
  • Drafting and Reviewing Contracts, Software Licenses and Vendor Agreements
  • Insurance Coverage Analysis

+ Financing

  • Venture Capital Financing: We have extensive experience in venture capital and private placement transactions, representing venture capital firms, angel investors and early stage companies in a variety of industries and stages of growth. In addition, we have been involved in transactions involving TNInvestco funds, LaunchTN's INCITE Investment Fund, and SBIC and SBA transactions.  We have structured hundreds of transactions involving preferred stock, convertible debt and warrants.
  • Mezzanine Lending: We represent lenders providing mezzanine financing (subordinated debt and preferred equity) as well as companies issuing mezzanine securities in a range of transactions, including M&A deals, private equity acquisitions and real estate developers.

+ Innovative Business Law

For some business owners, adding a full-time general counsel to their teams can be cost-prohibitive. Having experienced the other side of running a business or providing general counsel for various companies, we designed our Innovative Business Law program with this in mind. Our innovative service offers businesses the benefit of having a true general counsel for proactive, day-to-day legal advice while operating within their specific budget.

+ Nonprofits

As common and critical as nonprofit corporations are in our society, they are also one of the most overlooked and misunderstood of all legal concepts. Our attorneys understand the nuances and unique needs of nonprofit corporations and help steer our clients through the maze of regulations and best practices toward mission fulfillment.  
Our attorneys have experience in:

  • Formation and Subsidiary Formation
  • IRS Tax Exemption
  • Board Formation and Training
  • Advising on Officer and Director Fiduciary Duties
  • Crisis Management and Risk Reduction
  • Corporate Document and Policy Creation
  • Executive Compensation Issues
  • Conflict of Interest Issues
  • International Program Issues